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With over 50 different types of badminton rackets in stock, holds the largest selection of badminton rackets for miles. We specialise in the highest quality rackets from the best brands but we have a large selection to suit any pocket and any playing style.


For a small fee (£4) you can borrow selected rackets to try out on court for up to a week!

Current demo rackets available to try out are


Astrox 88 (Both) Astrox 77 (Both), Astrox 6, Astrox 7, Duora Z-Strike, Duora 10,  Duora 6, Duora 55, Voltric FB (Both), Voltric GlanZ, Voltric Z Force II, Arc Saber 11, Arc Saber FB.
Thruster F,  Hypernano X 900,  Hypernano X Air, Hypernano X80, Hypernano X90, Jet Speed S12, Jet Speed S10, Lightfighter 7500, Thruster K30.

Blaze SX7600, Blaze S3600, Fierce C3600, Fierce C2600


Mao 11 II, Master 800 II, Master 600, KBC 7990, KBC 6990, Spider 7200II, Nezer 17, Porcelain 620, Super Light 580, Super Light 680. 

Please see the relevant brand page for a description of each of the rackets. 

There are always new rackets coming into the shop so please come in for a browse!