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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

We specialise in racket sports. Below are answers to some of the questions we get asked all the time in the shop, about our business, rackets and much more.

I can't find your shop, where is it?
We are just opposite the bottom end of Carterknowle Road in Sheffield. Near to the Abbeydale Pharmacy, On the Spot Tyres and Carterknowle Medical Practice. Check out the map on our Find us page.

How long have you been here?
The shop opened in December 2014 and has been going from strength to strength ever since!


Is there parking near your shop?
You can park directly on Abbeydale Road during daytime hours but we recommend using one of the nearby side roads. Any spaces you can find are free of charge to park in.

Can I borrow a racket to try out?

Yes, for Tennis and Badminton we always have the latest and best rackets to demo from brands like Yonex, Victor, Wilson, Head, Dunlop, Babolat and many more. Unfortunately we don't have any Squash or Racketball demo rackets at the moment. You can take out up to 2 rackets at any one time to try out at the cost of £5 a time. This £5 is not returnable but will be deducted from any future purchase of those rackets. Should rackets be borrowed multiple times, only one £5 will be deducted from the final purchase price.

What tension should I have my racket strung at?

There is a common misconception that higher string tensions give more power. They do not, I think people believe this because when they have a new set of strings the racket can feel a lot more powerful than the old set used to, it probably is but it has more to do with the elasticity of the new strings rather than the higher tension.
Higher String tensions in fact give a better feeling of control but have the disadvantages of breaking more easily due to the string being under more strain combined with there being physically less string in the racket to take the punishment of every hit. Higher Tensions can also lead to a smaller sweet spot on the racket face meaning they are more suited to more advanced players.
Lower tensions give a bit more power (up to a point) due to the greater 'trampoline effect' of the strings but a lower amount of feel and control.

How quickly can you restring my racket?

We can usually get your racket done while you wait (about 25-30 minutes) or the same day if it is urgent. We suggest you explore the other independent shops along Abbeydale Road or pop into That There Deli while you wait!

During very busy times you may have to wait 1 or 2 days.

What string should I use?

Again a very personal question. We have a number of stock strings that we will use which are of good quality have a good degree of durability and control, suitable for most players. We keep a huge range of strings in stock with different characteristics such as power, control, spin, durability and hitting feel. These are described on our Restringing page for those players who wish to try something a bit more special. Check out our Yonex String video, the most popular on our YouTube Channel for more advice (over 120,000 views!!!).

Is my racket worth restringing?

This is a common question when we get presented with an older racket in the shop.

  • If your racket is in sound condition and your going to play with it in future then yes, restring it.
  • If the frame is cracked in anyway, no, get a new one.

With decent rackets from about £20 it is often not worth getting a battered old racket restrung for say £16.50. Players can get very attached to rackets but sometimes it's just time to let it go to the big racket graveyard and get yourself a shiny new one (from us of course), technology does move on over the years.

The strings on my racket are moving about, why?

Strings move out of place for a variety of reasons. New strings may move as they can have smooth surfaces and not much contact patch between the mains and the crosses. Older strings can start to move when they get loose.

Strings can also move out of position if you slice shots (intentionally or accidentally!) so just quickly move them back into position and continue with your game!

The frame of my racket is cracked, can you repair it?

No, the high performance materials in modern rackets like high modulus graphite, carbon fibre, kevlar etc cannot be repaired effectively. Some people offer frame repairs but it often involves injecting resin into the frame and the results are amateurish at best. This can lead to rackets that are unbalanced and play nothing like the original. In our opinion you are much better off saving your money to put towards a replacement.

You don't have what I want can you get it?

Yes! We can quickly source anything from any of the high quality brands like Yonex, Wilson, Asics, Head, Kawasaki, Dunlop & Tecnifibre that we stock. Just ask. Whether it's a pair of shoes or a special string. 


 This item is cheaper on the internet!

We will price match in most cases. Please just ask. We'd rather make a sale than lose a customer! Plus you know you'll get great service.

What racket is the best?

A very personal question! We can advise you, you can watch our racket reviews on our youtube channel but the best way is to come and swing about some rackets and try one or more of our demo rackets out on court. Borrow them for up to a week for just a £4 charge per racket (or £5 for two). It's not a returnable deposit but we will take £4 off the price if you end up buying that racket. The £4 charge helps us pay for the inevitable damage to demo rackets and their strings.


Which brands do you sell?

We currently have trade accounts with Yonex, Victor, Kawasaki, Ashaway, Wilson, Head, Dunlop, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Karakal, RS, Adidas, Asics and more so if you can't see something on our site you would like please get in touch.