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Drop your racket into the shop to have it done there and then or leave it with us and pick it up the next day or next week. If you are unsure about string tensions we can advise you in the shop or you can see our FAQ's page.

 All restrings include a FREE GRIP and a logo stencil if required.


If you can't make it into the shop during opening hours then simply drop your racket off at A.M news next door and send me a text or e-mail with what string, tension and grip you would like.

A M News
719 Abbeydale Road
Sheffield, S7 2BE

Rackets can also be collected from A.M. News after stringing by prior arrangement.


Aegon British Tennis Tour Stringer

Graves Tennis & Leisure Centre December 2015, 2016 & 2017

Badminton: £16.50

Yonex Aerobite - Red/White, Green/White or Blue/White - Hybrid String for maximum control. Mains are 0.68mm & rough for slice and control, White crosses are 0.61mm for controlled net play and explosive power. Stringing with Aerobite will be £20.00 per racket (inc grip) due to the high cost of the string.

Yonex Aerosonic - White - Extra thin, 11 out of 10 repulsion, fantastic hitting sound. The most powerful but least durable Yonex string.

Yonex BG80 - Yellow, Sky Blue or Black - Extra hard feeling, for big hitters. A classic string used by many pros.

Yonex BG80 Power - Orange - Like BG80 but with some extra added repulsion.

Yonex Nanogy 98 - Cosmic Gold - High repulsion, medium feel, nano coating.

Yonex BG66 Force - Yellow - Maximum repulsion, nano coating for durability.

Yonex BG66 Ultimax - White - Maximum repulsion, soft string.

Yonex BG65 Titanium - White, Pink or Red - Hard feeling, durable, all rounder string, one of the best.

Ashaway Fire Power 66 - Orange or White - Extra repulsion power.

Squash £19.50  (Premium Strings) - £17.50 otherwise

Racketball - £19.50

Replacement bumper strips can be fitted for £7.50 per racket - Please allow a few extra days for this service.

Tecnifibre Dynamax 1.25 - Black

Tecnifibre 305  1.20 - Green

Tecnifibre X One Biphase 1.18 - Red 

Head Reflex 1.20 - Yellow - Multifiliament construction and PU resin for great power and excellent comfort for high level players.

Karakal Evolution 1.15 - Blue or Grey - Maximum shock absorption, huge power. World Speed Record holding string (175mph).

Karakal Hot Zone 1.20 - Orange - Top quality pro string with great durability.

Ashaway SuperNick XL 1.25 - White - Soft Feel, Textured surface for control and spin.

Ashaway Supernick ZX Micro 1.15 - Black - Precise touch and feel with a multifilament Nylon core.

Karakal Classic 1.30 - White - For the classic feel and extra durability.

Wilson Sensation Strike 1.24 - White - For control & power. Textured surface for extra control.

Tennis: £12.00  + String

£6.00 - Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 (16) -  Flash Yellow -  Durable, world class string with comfortable feel to reduce player fatigue. Our most popular string.

£6.00 - Yonex Poly Tour Spin (16) - Blue  -   Durable  Pentagon shaped string grips ball with greater accuracy to produce stronger spin.

£6.00 - Yonex Poly Tour Strike (16) - Grey - Durable string designed for hard hitting.

£10.00 - Yonex Poly Tour Fire (16) - Red - Durable string for big hitters.

£9.00 - Wilson NXT Comfort (16) - Natural - For feel and power.

£6.00 - Wilson Revolve (16) - Orange or White - For spin

£2.00 - Wilson Synthetic Gut (16) - Durability and playability.

£9.50 - RS Lyon 125 - Silver - Premium Monofilament String by Robin Soderling.

£10.00 - RS New York Multifilament 130  - Soft feeling multifilament string with great durability.

£6.00 - Head Sonic Pro (17) - White or Black - Soft monofilament String for maximum comfort and control.

£9.00 - Head Hawk Touch (17) - High Performance monofilament string with excellent control and touch sensitivity.

£9.00 - Head Gravity - Hybrid Monofilament String with Grey Triangular Mains and White circular crosses for maximum spin and control of the ball.

£6.00 Now £3.00 to clear - Tecnifibre Black Code 4S (18) a soft spin string with a square cross section.

£10.00 - Luxilon  Alu Power 125

£10.00 - Luxilon  Big Banger Original 130

£10.00 - Luxilon Adrenaline 125

£12.00 - Luxilon  4G 125

£9.00 - Luxilon Savage 127 Lime, Black, White

£16.00 - Luxillon Element 125

Can't find a stringer in your area?
Pay for a restring online - select a return postage option. Post your racket to, 721 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 2BE
by any means you wish and we will return it as soon as it's done!